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Sierra Designs and Eric Larsen Save The Poles in 2009

April 16, 2008

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Sierra Designs and Eric Larsen "Save The Poles" in 2009

(April 16, 2008) - Boulder Colo. (April 16, 2008) – In 2009, the Save the Poles Expedition, led by renowned explorer and adventurer Eric Larsen, will commence an unprecedented journey to both the North and South poles and Mount Everest in one 356-day push. This effort has never been accomplished within a one-year period and only successfully completed by 15 people, none of whom are Americans. The expedition to the three "poles" – the top, bottom and roof of the world - will take the team to some of the most extreme places on earth while testing Sierra Designs equipment and apparel.

While these three areas are some of the most rugged, uninhabitable places on the planet, they are also among the most vulnerable to global warming.

Part of the objective behind Save the Poles – and the reason behind Sierra Designs' involvement - is to promote clean energy solutions, and advocate strategies for reducing carbon emissions. Following the journey, the team plans to create a documentary film, book, and educational CD-ROM that focus on the issues related to global warming, and convey the sense of adventure that embodies this kind of amazing journey. Eric Larsen, project leader for the expedition, is a prominent Arctic explorer who has traveled to some of the most remote wilderness locales left on earth and presented his experiences to audiences all over the country.

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Founded in 1965, at the beginning of the golden age of backpacking and climbing, Sierra Designs is one of the original brands for the eco-conscious outdoor enthusiast. We have always had a passion to protect where we play, and our tents, sleeping bags, and apparel have been to every corner of the world, from the highest peaks in Tibet to your local greenway around the corner. We model and design our products for high performance adventurers, but make it attainable for you. Sierra Designs' gear and apparel fits in with your daily life, no matter where it takes you. Visit us online at SierraDesigns.com or check out our FaceBook Page.

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