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Sierra Designs Debuts Its Spring 2006 Line

August 15, 2005

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Sierra Designs Debuts Its Spring 2006 Line

Louisville, COLO. (August 15, 2005) - Sierra Designs marks over four decades of being a leading manufacturer of high-performance outdoor products, including tents, sleeping bags and performance and lifestyle outdoor clothing. The company will debut its new spring 2006 line to retailers at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 11-14, 2005.

"For 2006, we continue our mission of providing innovative, reliable and high-performance gear while allowing ourselves the chance to break new ground," said Mark J. Herbert, president of Sierra Designs. "Innovations like the new lightweight DAC NSL poles, the new award-winning ultralight synthetic sleeping bags and the lightweight rainwear are only a few examples of how we continue to build upon the tradition of the brand."

Leading the way in tents and sleeping bags, Sierra Designs combines innovative materials with advanced design techniques to outpace its rivals.

• DAC NSL Featherlite Poles: For 2006, Sierra Designs worked closely with the Dongah Aluminum Corporation (DAC) to create the new NSL Featherlite poles. The concept lays in the connection between sections, where DAC has pioneered a unique insert that allows a smoother, cleaner transition between sections. This new technology saves weight, reduces breakage and allows for a stronger more functional pole. The Pampero, Massak, Reverse Combi, Baku series, Lightning, Iota and Antares are all using the DAC NSL Featherlite poles.

• Award-winning Ultralight Category: For 2006, Sierra Designs introduces the Baku series — a hybrid of single-and-double-wall tents using 40-Denier siliconized Nylon in single-wall areas and mesh in double-wall areas for reduced condensation. These two-door, freestanding tents are simple to pitch, super lightweight and offer a one (3 pounds), two (4 pounds) and three-person option (4 pounds 11 ounces).

• Sew-Free Windows: Sierra Designs has advanced its window construction with its welded windows on a handful of its tents for 2006. Using bonded tape and the Sew-Free technology, Sierra Designs has produced windows that are more durable and waterproof than sewn-and-sealed versions.

• Reverse Combi Technology: On the heels of a "Gear of the Year" award from Outside Magazine, the Reverse Combi tent stole the show in 2005. This season, Sierra Designs has applied the same Reverse Combi technology of increasing the interior space of the tent through use of the DAC Featherlite NSL poles with pre-bent sections on several of its three and four season tents. The Pampero, Massak, Reverse Combi and Antares are the latest editions using this technology.

• Base Camp Tents: The Sierra Designs Base Camp series offer high-quality tents for the family or a large group. The 2006 Benjari 6 (6-person) and Benjari 8 (8-person) are the latest base camp tents for enthusiasts who are accustomed to high-performance equipment. The different room configurations allow users to create three different room-types: sleeping areas, eating areas and/or gear areas. These tents are great for the 24 Hours of Moab or a long base camp adventure.

• Origami Tarps: The new Sierra Designs performance tarps are based around a fundamental design of five equilateral triangles that provide strength, versatility and reliability. With three versions, multiple guy-out and stake-out points as well as long zippers, the new Origami Tarps allow users to pitch in a variety of configurations, withstand gusty winds and adapt to changing climatic conditions.

• Prints/Colors: For 2006, the Sierra Designs line of sleeping bags looks more hip than it has ever looked before. With stylish prints on the liners and creative details like screen logos, zipper pulls matched with the bags tracks and artfully combined colors, Sierra designs has married fashion with function. With the proven track record of quality, comfort and durability, Sierra Designs sleeping bags will definitely standout off the wall.

• Women-Specific: In 1995, Sierra Designs was the first to offer a women-specific sleeping bag line. More than a decade later, the company continues to add to its collection five new women-specific bags — most notably, the new Glow ultralight synthetic bag and the new Solar Flare DriZone waterproof/breathable down bag. By providing additional insulation in the torso and foot boxes, fleece linings in the foot boxes, a slimmer cut through the shoulders and a slightly more generous cut in the hip area, Sierra Designs has created the perfect sleeping technologies for women.

• Ultralight: Sierra Designs continues to build upon its award-winning line of ultralight sleeping bags. With the success of the Nitro and Flash down bags, Sierra Designs has created three new synthetic sleeping bags (men's 30 degree/Lazer, men's 15 degree/Volt and women's 15 degree/Glow) using PrimaLoft Sport® insulation. By using this insulation, Sierra Designs can now offer completely compressible and lightweight synthetic sleeping bags that meet the needs of consumers.

• Compact: The new Road Runner and Side Kick Compact sleeping bags have slimmer cuts and use the Primaloft Sport insulation to allow them to stuff down to the size of a loaf of bread. Rated at 40 and 30 degrees, these bags range from $99.95 to $159.95 and make for the perfect travel and road trip companion.

• Synthetic: The 2006 line of synthetic bags offer the Polarguard Delta insulation that delivers higher warmth to a lower fill weight ratio. The new bags come in a zero (men's Cochise and women's Yachiyo) and 15-degree version (men's Nahche and women's Winema) and all offer new stylish prints on the liners to set them apart from the competition.

Emerging trends indicate consumers expect desirable, fashionable styles in addition to top quality and high-performance fabrics and innovative design features. Through its research and fabric technologies, Sierra Designs has redefined what fashion can be in the outdoor industry.

• Performance Apparel: This season, Sierra Designs further refined its performance apparel line with such fabrics as Revival, Holofiber, Spectra Lite and Spectrum. With a new bright color palette and unique designs, each fabric-type offers consumers the highest performance and breathability along with a stylish presence for any activity. Specifically, the Spectrum fabric answers the trend of performance shirts having a smooth face fabric, which is a hot item in the industry.

• Performance Outerwear: For 2006, Sierra Designs has introduced the Nanolite super lightweight fabric. The Isotope and Neutron are the lightest shells on the market offering a fully taped and waterproof/breathable product for the wettest of weather conditions. The men's Isotope jacket weighs in at 4.5 ounces and comes at an excellent price point ($75/$90). These ultralight pieces are sure to geek out any ultralight backpacker. The new X-Axis fabric featured in the Xceed, Xplore and Xtreme takes Sierra Designs new cross training category to the next level. This stretch and waterproof/breathable fabric is fully ventilated with reflective piping construction, providing consumers with the perfect product for any high endurance activity. The Barricade E2 Soft Shell material is new for this year and is the technology behind one of Sierra Designs best soft shells. The lightweight fabric wicks away moisture, is waterproof/breathable and offers a functional and stylish design.

• Lifestyle Apparel: This year, Sierra Designs offers an entire line of lifestyle apparel with tons of performance capabilities. The 3XDRY treatment by Schoeller on shirts is being offered by Sierra Designs in North America and provides a stain and moisture-resistant technology to the most stylish of longwearing knit and woven tops. The new Ecotone waterproof/breathable fabric blends fashion-conscious designs like rib-knit collars and cuffs with high-performance characteristics. The new MotionPoint Corduroy is the latest stretch fabric that is soft, durable and extremely comfortable. With just enough Spandex, the men's Jib Short, El Cap Knicker and Squamish Pant are the perfect products for those hardcore climbers and backcountry hikers looking for a little style as well as comfort.

• Rainwear: With Sierra Designs proven history of creating top-of-the-line rainwear products, 2006 demonstrates to be a year to break new ground. New to the line-up is the top-end Cyclone pieces (shell, pant and ¾ jacket) that are fully waterproof, breathable and pack down small. In addition, the Hurricane 2 layer waterproof/breathable fabric is back with a new high-performance poncho. The reinforced snaps along the side, with grommets at the corners allow it to function as a tarp as well as a full-coverage rain piece for men, women and children.

Established in 1965, Sierra Designs is a leading manufacturer of high performance products, including tents, sleeping bags and technical and casual outdoor clothing. The company is dedicated to producing technically superior, innovative products that offer function as well
as style.


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